Wire Harness Repairs

Established in 2009, Mobile Auto Solutions LLC is an automotive wire harness repair provider that offers wire harness services and parts that are not readily available from auto dealerships. After devoting countless hours in the automotive industry, we noticed that there is large demand for wire harness service as opposed to replacing entire wire looms, which can be very expensive. At MAS our goal is simple: We help our clients avoid replacing wire harness assemblies and minimize costs without sacrificing quality. Our clients love to do repeat business with us, and we pride ourselves with our well-established track record and always exceed the expectations of our customers by providing superb & fast services.

For many dealing with wire harness damage is a headache, but not for us. Our teams of experts are uniquely qualified to deliver innovative wire harness services for vehicle power and data systems. The wire harness experts at MAS are well trained to take care of any harness issue you may have, from a simple connector to a completely damages harness. In addition, MAS carries wire harness parts such as connectors, pigtails, fuse boxes, terminals, wires of all types and more.

Can’t find the connector or wire harness that you need? Tell us your vehicle make, model, and year and our experts will research, locate, and then repair the vehicle on site.

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